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  • WKT-1A

Temperature rang:6 ℃ ~ 28 ℃.
Connection size:M30x1.5
Nominal pressure:1.6Mpa
Defrost protection:6 ℃
Maximum admissible static pressure:1.0 Mpa
Maximum admissible differential pressure:0.1 Mpa
Stroke:3mm or custom
Accuracy:+/-0.5 degree
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Heat dissipation of the radiator depends on the circulating flow and temperature of the working medium.The thermostatic radiator valve according the proportional to adjust the room temperature without any external energy,is an energy-saving product.It depends on the temperature-sensing element to turn up / down valve to control the water flow.When room temperature rise,the temperature sensor expands and compresses the valve stem to turn down the valve.When room temperature drops, on the contrary.If there is other supplementary heat source and the room temperature higher than the setting temperature,the valve will turn down automatically to lessens the water inflow of the radiator.All the above are energy saving methods.Generally,it saves 20-30% heat energy. In conclusion,the TRV could provide a comfortable condition and it is energy-saving as well as environmental.


Thermostatic radiator valve main parameters:



Temperature regulation scale and the corresponding temperature:


*        1          2           3        4        5

▪  ▪  ▏▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▏▪  ▪  ▪  ▪   ▏▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▏▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▏▪  ▪  ▪  ▪  ▏

6℃      12℃      16℃      20℃     24℃      28


Installation methods and precautions:

1. First,turn the valve head knob to "5" position,keep the valve head mounted horizontally on the valve body. Second, the valve nut should be screwed to the body threaded interface until tightened.

2. In order to open and close the valve effectively ,thermostatic valve stem should be in a horizontal position,so the radiator thermostatic valve head should be installed horizontally.To ensure the correct operation of the stem, the thermostatic valve head should avoid strong ligjts,and do not to be barriered.

Should keep the air around the valve head free flowing.

3. To avoid unwanted external force acts on the valve head,the valve head knob should be set to "5" position in summer.

4. When the ambient temperature is 0 ℃ or lower, turn the valve knob to "* ",keep a little hot water flowing inside the valve to prevent water system from freezing.

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